Floor Waste: The Ins And Outs of Improving Hygiene in the Shower Drain


A beautiful floor waste unit isn’t enough. The whole drainage system requires special attention to prevent the build-up of sewer gases and bugs. It is why you should be keen to install a leakproof membrane system to prevent leaks and improve the ambiance of your home.

The space between the tile floor waste grate and the drainage system is the primary source of leakage. Often, moisture escapes to the wall when the two parts have an incompetent bonding. The results from leaking drainage can be unpleasant. A foul smell builds up in the bathroom, and excess water can damage structures adjacent to it.

To prevent a scenario where unhealthy leaks occur frequently, check to ensure the tile in floor waste attaches to the membrane correctly. And it will help if your plumber uses a control flange to seal off leaks and draw water into the drainage.

Therefore, it would be best to employ a skilled plumber to deliver excellent alignments. That way, your floor waste will drain away water efficiently. And you’ll not experience blockage or leakage in the shower area.

How to improve your bathroom hygiene

A quality floor waste keeps your shower area clean and leakproof in the following manner:

Prevent discharge and floor waste poisonous gases

The drainage system has a lot of decomposing activity happening. Wastewater carries debris and a host of other compounds that break down to release methane and sulfur gases. An ideal situation requires a constant flow of water to dilute the gases. But because it is inevitable to prevent pipes from drying up, floor wastes do an excellent job locking the smell inside.

The floor waste unit leverages design too;

  1. Hold water that locks gases
  2. The self-cleaning ability allows it to pass wastewater and retain foul-free liquid.

The magic lies with the excellent fall of the waste pipe. It has a gradient that flashes out waste water quickly and retains a good level of residual water. So, whenever a foul smell hits your nose, the culprit should be a broken trap or incompetent alignments letting out gas.

Prevent bugs from entering the house

Rodents and other bugs love the foul smell building up inside the drainage. Any crack along the system attracts crawling bugs that will proceed straight to your bathroom. In the worst-case scenario, drain flies can find comfort in your bathroom. And employing insecticides to clear them adds up to your spending.

It is okay to use the drain disinfectant, but it would be best if you invest in a quality unit. The ideal alternative is installing a unit with durable primer. It seals off odor and blocks insects. And the beautiful part is, it is easy to clean.

An excellent place to start is sourcing your supplies from reputable manufacturers. For instance, Declinko values its clients and supplies high-quality units with superb drainage.

Drain the shower area efficiently

Reputable manufacturers of floor waste understand the trouble with a poorly draining bathroom. For this purpose, they design units that suck water effectively leaving your bathroom dry for the better part of the day.

I mean, the last thing you want is shower water sitting still in the shower area. If it doesn’t build up smell, waste water might escape through the wall. For this reason, it is wise to invest in a piece with a good slope to evacuate water completely.

Key Takeaway

Floor waste comes as a unit. Each accessory must perform at full potential to prevent leakage and build-up of bad smell. With thousands upon thousands of pieces in the market, it is prudent to scrutinize the supplier before placing an order. At Declinko, you’ll encounter excellent customer services that explain every detail surrounding their products. That gives you the chance to interrogate further on functionality. And equip yourself with rich knowledge on how to handle your plumbing matters.

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