The Top 3 Standard Dish Drying Rack Sizes

Pusdon + dish drying rack sizes

Dish drying racks are structures where you place your dishes and utensils to dry after washing them. They are often made from stainless steel and other rust-resistant materials. The market features a wide range of dish drying rack brands. Pusdon is one of the top brands specializing in over-sink drying racks. The brand also supplies kitchen storage structures like storage baskets. The racks come in different sizes. This excerpt discusses the standard dish drying rack sizes.

Standard sizes for dish drying racks

When buying a dish drying rack, you must consider its size. The following are some standard size categories for dish drying racks;

a. Compact

These are the smallest dish drying racks you will find on the market. They are specially designed for small kitchens, apartment living, and dorm room kitchens. Most compact drying dish racks are usually countertop dish drying racks. However, there are a few over-sink drying racks in this size category. The average dimension of a compact dish drying rack is around 12 by 19 by 15 (inches). You can find slightly larger or smaller options on the market.

b. Classic

Classic drying rack sizes are ideal for average-sized kitchens or sinks. The kitchens need to have enough space at the sink to accommodate the size of the rack. The average dimensions of a classic drying rack are between 12 by 19 by 15 and 18 by 12 by 13 (inches). Note that they are known as classic-sized racks because they are the most common sizes on the market. This is because they are ideal for most kitchens. Note that classic-sized drying racks can come in both countertop and over-sink designs.

c. High capacity

High-capacity drying racks are the largest options around. They often come with extra attachments or compositions. For instance, most high-capacity drying racks come with expandable trays that provide more drying space. They also come with separate compartments for utensils, dishes, and mugs. High-capacity racks apply both vertical shelving and horizontal stacking elements. You can use the racks for storing the dishes and utensils even after they are dry. The standard size of high-capacity racks is around 36 by 12 by 21 (inches). They are especially great as over-sink drying racks because they can fit over any sink size. Larger racks can even fit over double sinks.

How to pick the right size

Now that you understand the various sizes for drying dish racks, you may choose an ideal size. Below are some things you must consider when doing this;

  • Consider the size of your sink (you may have to measure the sink beforehand)
  • Consider the size of your kitchen (especially if you are buying a countertop drying rack)
  • The cost of the drying rack (the sizes usually affect the cost)
  • The function (if you need a rack for storage too, a high-capacity rack will do the trick)


It is also worth noting that the larger the rack, the more its price. This is because it requires more material and time to construct. Other than drying racks, you can also acquire storage racks and towel drying racks for your kitchen.

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