Spray nozzles of pressure washers


Pressure washers are the equipment used for cleaning purposes. A pressure washer is ideal for cleaning purposes along with many basic parts. Such as hoses, spray nozzles, and turbo heads. The top models of pressure washers can clean pathways and terraces having years of dirt on them.  The spray nozzles shoot a concentrated and forceful high-pressure spray of water, capable of injuring people and causing property destruction.

Nozzle performance factors

Various factors are used for spray nozzle performance. As its performance shows the capacity to clean surfaces. Following are a few factors

Liquid properties

While selecting the nozzles one should see the drop size of the nozzle tip supplied by various manufacturers. In order, for better spraying conditions.


A spray nozzle performance is not directly affected by liquid temperature. But it can ultimately affect viscosity and surface tension that enhances nozzle performance.

Nozzle wear

It indicates an increase in nozzle capacity as well as spray pattern change.

Types of nozzles tips

There are different types of nozzles tips used in pressure washers. A few of them are listed here:

Red nozzle tip

It is rarely used as it just covers or cleans a little area. So, it becomes tough to clean dirt or remove mud by using such tips. It is mostly used by homeowners’ pressure washers and sustain from using on soft surfaces.

Yellow nozzle tip

It is used for surfaces prepared for painting. If this type of nozzle is used from the right distance and direction then it can help remove dust easily.

Green nozzle tip

It is considered the most commonly used nozzle tip used around homes for cleaning purposes. It is especially great for cleaning boats, driveways, and patio furniture. It helps pressure washers clean at a faster rate.

White nozzle tip

It is used for low-pressure washers and is used for weak surfaces. Like windows and blinds cleaning.

Black nozzle tip

This is a tip having a large opening or orifice. This further helps to decrease the velocity and increase pressure in hoses.it is used for large-scale surface cleaning.

Picking up the perfect nozzle

Before picking up any pressure washer nozzles these steps should be taken into account.

The first one is to use a little common sense while selecting nozzles. Secondly, see the nozzle that has a wide-angle tip. Thirdly, check by keeping the distance short and long-range. And lastly, always test on a small area of cleaning surface.

Whenever you are picking up the nozzles for the first time make sure to consider a few things. Keep the nozzles at a natural distance so you won’t harm the surface. But as you get comfortable with the tips make the distance shorter. This would decrease the chances of damage.

If the surface is rough so adjust it at a particular distance with an effective pressure setting. Then start changing and applying different nozzles. This will help in effective and efficient cleaning. While rotating the nozzles and hitting the surfaces could change the nozzle’s shapes as well. As nizzle is the thing that creates pressure in pressure washers.

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