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Living in a world full of uncertainties needs a brave and determined heart for an assured, comfortable life. In such uncertainties, the human mind can almost find an overdependence reason because of the uncertainty of the next step in life. This is where most life simulating games come in to be of great aid for naïve people who may lose or have lost their interest in life.

For instance, Danganropa’s protagonist, makoto naegi is one of the characters with an admirable personality. Makoto is forgiving, very kind and supportive of other students. His friendly, down-to-earth and polite attitude has granted him more friends than his fellow schoolmates. He spends his free time socializing even with the most antisocial classmates, a fact that is very important for today’s life.

You, however, don’t have to watch the Danganronpa anime to relate with Makoto Naegi’s character. Instead, there are a lot more goodies you can have and still be part of the character’s personality.

Read on for these goodies with makoto naegi imprints on them.

Why Makoto Naegi’s Imprints & Toys

Makoto Naegi is a hero and symbol of hope that inspires all those who know him and see him for what he is: a person with the power to change the world.

Academics have been debating Naegi’s central role in the story since it was first released, and the implications of its conclusion. Some critics argue that Naegi completes his heroic arc by accepting his own power; others point out that, despite his apparent strength, Naegi is unable to save everyone he loves. As such, they claim that he ultimately fails as a hero.

However, having any product with imprints on them recognizes his progress and attempts to make everyone’s life better. This, however, does not change the mixed reviews he has received from critics and fans alike. He is praised for being “a more naturalistic protagonist” than in previous games.

What Are the Best Goodies for Solidarity with Makoto Naegi?

Cosplay Costumes

Naegi is a fashion designer who has been designing for more than 16 years and has participated in fashion shows at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne and the Tokyo Fashion Week. So you can imagine the fine craftsmanship and creativity. His products are made from natural materials such as silk, linen, wool and cotton that he hand-picks himself while travelling around the world to find new materials. There are also numerous ideas for unique creativity evidenced in the costumes from his travels.

Accessories & Gifts

The idea of gifting a makoto naegi product or accessory to a loved one is clever move. Whether the person receiving the gift has Makoto’s loving and caring personality or not, these accessories are a sign that you recognize their presence and cherish them. Some of these accessories include beautiful keyring pendants, cosplay badges for backpacks, and kids’ toys, among many other things.

Other Naegi’s collections range from clothing to shoes, bags, wallets, acrylic stand figures with decoration, model toys and jewelry. All with amazing designs and unique coloring.

Everyone has something to boast about in Naegi’s packs of collections. Visit Aliexpress today and experience all of these super deals.

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