360 Frontal Lace Wigs:Give Your Hairline A More Natural Look


360 lace front wigs might sound alien if you are new to hair lingo. Developers adopt terminologies that scare the hell out of us when the meaning is so simple and supposed to mean a lace sitting between a front lace and a full lace. It is a go-to wig when you struggle with a receding hairline and desire to flaunt a piece that sits nicely on the hairline without exposing baldness.

A 360 lace may be the silver bullet you have been waiting for to shoot all styles you’ve ever wanted. The lace runs around the edges of the head. It means you can pluck baby hair all around, allowing you to flaunt a more natural look. It makes you comfortable going with a ponytail and other fancy styles without looking artificial.

This wig appeals more to someone with short hair and who loves to add length. Wigs come in different lengths allowing you to choose a size that suits your needs. And when you wish to go easy with glue, you have the discretion to secure your wig by sewing.

The beauty of a 360 wig doesn’t stop there. Other benefits include;

360 lace wig is lightweight

The lace covers the circumference of your head, leaving the middle part open. The design requires only two bundles to cover the entire cap. And the less dense your wig, the easier it is to achieve a natural look. Better yet, it suits many face shapes. But if you feel uncomfortable with the weight, you can thin it yourself or bring it to a professional to help shake off the excess hair.

But because they adopt bundle closure with a thin transparent lace to mimic a natural scalp, you would expect wigs to be light by default. The best lace types feature a mesh theme to allow breathability and look so that the wig doesn’t pack unnecessary pounds.

Also,360 frontal lace wigs are 100% natural hair making them ideal for creating neat hairlines that melt into your skin. And styling becomes more like a game. You can create unique designs and steer clear from the monotonous pull-back styles that frontal lace offers.

360 frontal lace wigs are breathable

Heat can be detrimental to the comfort and health of your natural hair. A wig that prevents the natural airflow makes you sweaty and uncomfortable when handling demanding tasks. And when excess sweat builds up, the scalp responds by releasing toxins that break your hair, escalating an underlying struggle even further.

Fortunately, 360 wigs feature transparent lace that allows breathing. Also, it has an open space at the center that lets in freshness and allows your hair to breathe.

360 frontal wigs are super easy to install

Once you have the right size and shape, the installation process becomes much easier, and you can do it yourself. You’ll need to master how to trim the lace and ensure it sits right on the hairline. But if you doubt your skills, it would be best to engage a professional.

A DIY saves you time and money, but when you get it wrong, it sets up a stage for a poorly done edge that downgrades the quality of your wig. And that is the reason why manufacturers recommend you seek help. A practiced stylist will advise on the ideal glue and help prevent catastrophic accidents that can cost you your skin.


A 360 wig is an improvement over a frontal lace wig. It is more versatile and allows you to set authentic and natural styles. The lace covers the most sensitive part of your head, the hairline. And it means you can use a 360 wig to protect your hairline from constant pulling.

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