How to Wear an Indonesian’s Men Sarong


One of the growing cultures in the world is wearing the Indonesian’s men sarong. The perception that men cannot wear skirt-like clothes on their waists is lifting as most individuals like to try something new. The sarong men consist of simple wraps which men wear around the waist. It has been worn in Indonesia for decades, but the new approach of doing it has changed people’s perception worldwide. So, how do you wear the men’s sarong?

Simple steps to wearing an Indonesian’s men sarong

The growing popularity of the Indonesian’s men sarong ensures that it is the go-to outfit. Its design is very attractive and provides a unique style from traditional pants. One can wear it to spas, music festivals, or beach walks. Here is a simple compilation of a few steps to wear it efficiently and look awesome.

Draw the Indonesian’s men sarong over your head

The first step to wearing a sarong is very straightforward. Make sure you get the first step right to perfect the art. Here’s how you do it: take the men’s sarong and wear it over your head. You can also choose to step into it. Make sure that it is in the perfect position around your waist. Then hold it open.

Pull to one side

The primary goal when wearing a sarong is ensuring you get a tight fit. The tight fit prevents accidents, such as the sarong falling when walking at the beach. Thus, it would be best to be extremely careful in all the steps. Take one side of the sarong and align it with either the left or right side of your body, whichever you feel is best for you. Then, stretch it out a small distance from the other side of your body, where you will get an excess cloth.

Take the excess cloth and pull it over your body’s front

This step also requires a tight pull. Take the extra material and pull it over your body’s waist front. Use your hands to hold the sarong in place as you make the fold. Your hands will guarantee that the sarong will stay in place as you establish a perfect fit.

Take the folded cloth and move it towards the opposite hip

After you complete the above step, you should get a fold. Take it and move it towards your opposite hip. Also, ensure that you get a tight fit against the body. Remember that the fit will help the Indonesian’s men sarong stay in place as you do your business.

Secure the Indonesian’s men sarong

This step is crucial as it will guarantee whether you get a perfect fit. You can secure the sarong by rolling its top 4 to 6 times. You can do it more times if you wish. The more tight each roll, the better secured your sarong will be.


The popularity of the Indonesian’s men sarong as beach wear is a good reason to buy one. As you can note from the above process, wearing it is very straightforward. You only need to establish a tight fit.

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