How to Style a Cocktail Table?


Ambiance has become the talk of the town in no time. From dining out to partying to family get together everywhere, people prefer the element of atmosphere and ambiance over many others. Imagine walking into a space with dreamy lighting, cozy couches, fancy cocktail tables, delicious food, and fantastic company. It undoubtedly will take you to new horizons.

Celebrations have the right to be rightly celebrated. A perfectly adorned cocktail table can add countless beautiful memories to your life. The conversation around such a table will have an everlasting effect on you. Its picturesque sight will flood your social media accounts with much applause and comments. It leads us to a conclusion that says; a cocktail table is a small thing with a larger-than-life impact.

This blog post will walk you through fantastic styling ideas for cocktail tables. If you are passionate about making memories, stay with us till the end!

3 Fantastic Styling Ideas for Cocktail Tables

1. Color Changing LED Cocktail Table

This is the perfect handy idea to celebrate a moment in case you are short of time or are suddenly hit with a piece of good news. LED neon lights have recently entered the style arena. These LED tables are available in different shapes and heights online. All you need to do is to grab it, put on some fine crockery, and your favorite snacks and beverages will do them justice. These are perfect for your homes, bars, and nightclubs and suit formal settings.

2. Draping a Cocktail Table

Draping itself is a vast field with a variety of concepts. It is astonishing to see how cloth can alter mood and environment. You can use different clothes for different themes. For example

• If your party theme is formal and elegant, style your cocktail table by draping it in white satin or silk cloth. Add a bunch of flowers to it. You can add white, fine crockery to enhance the look and serve the dining purpose.

• Cocktail tables are used at birthday parties as well. You can style these tables by draping them in a colored cloth according to the party theme.

• A date is incomplete without a cocktail table. Drape your table in golden sequin cloth, hang fairy lights around the peripheries of the table, add a bouquet, and a well-versed note for your partner, and rock it!

• Are you planning to propose to your sweetheart? You must arrange a dinner date where you will submit to your long-term beau. Select a thrilling venue, maybe beside a beach, put on chairs and a cocktail table, of course. Drape it in soft silk, light-toned fabric, tie the material with some ribbon and flowers around the neck of the table and adorn it with candles, balloons, chocolate, flowers, and a ring. The world is all yours!

• If you plan a family gathering, spread a lovely white net over the table and decorate it with rustic and vintage decorations. It surely will be a hit. This is the best cocktail table styling for daytime gatherings.

3. Styling a Cocktail Table in Living Room

The living room is the place that houses the inhabitants for most of the day. It is a gathering spot for the family. You can style your cocktail table with books and a large tray with jars of nuts, biscuits, and other quick snacks. You can add fresh flowers to this table daily for a refreshing feel and vibrant look.

For a more chic and modern look, style it with sculptures and figurines.


Since a cocktail table is a spot for everyone to gather around, it should be styled particularly. There are numerous options for selection. LED cocktail tables are trending because they are so colorful and eye-catching. You won’t have to do much to brighten them up. Draping them with different clothes can be super striking. The cocktail tables in our living areas have a massive margin for styling, with books, eatables, candles, flowers, decorations, and much more.

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