How To Measure A Roll Up Door Springs


Your door may need a new spring if your roll-up door becomes increasingly challenging to operate or makes a grinding noise while doing so. A corroded spring coil can make opening your roll-up door from the closed position difficult or impossible.

If you want to replace the springs on your roll-up door properly, you should learn how to measure them first and have the right tools on hand. You should call a specialist if you are unsure about any of the processes or tools involved in the process.

Learn how to measure roll up garage door springs by following the steps below:

Assess the Direction of the Wind

You can determine the wind direction by looking at the spring’s end. Left-wound springs have their ends pointing in the direction of rotation, while right-wound springs have their ends pointing in the opposite direction of rotation. When spring is right- or left-wound, the color of the cable drums and winding cones serve as an additional cue to the wind’s direction.

Measure the Size of the Wire

Ten or twenty of the worn-out spring coils can be measured in inches. Afterward, use the torsion spring chart to calculate the correct wire diameter.

Measure the Inside Diameter and the Overall Length

Measure the internal diameter of torsion springs to 1/16th of an inch. And then, to the nearest quarter-inch, determine the spring’s entire length.

Garage roll-up door springs are an essential element of daily life for anyone who owns an automatic garage door. When going to and from work, the grocery store, or a fun activity, most people use their garage door opener two to four times a day.

As a result, the elements of a garage door that opens and closes are among the most often used items of domestic equipment. On the other hand, the torsion springs in a garage door can break down throughout the normal length of a home’s occupants.

Overhead Torsion Spring

It is the torsion spring set at the overhead that allows the garage door to go up and down and stay in place at specific heights. The coils are unwound and rewound with each actuation. Even though torsion springs are designed to withstand this kind of use, the continual movement can wear out the spring wire over time. The springs will need to be re-adjusted or perhaps replaced at some point.

Final Thoughts

You can replace a wear-out garage roll-up door springs by yourself if you know how. But, some who are not capable of doing can ask the help of an expert. Replacing the door spring starts with measuring the old spring, so you can purchase the right replacement. Knowing how to measure the roll-up door spring accurately is the key to completing the task properly.

Make sure to complete the tools you need before you start replacing the springs. Keep in mind, the springs play a vital role in the proper functioning of your garage roll-up door, so make sure to do the measurement and replacement properly.

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