How Does a Pressure Washer Pump Function?


Water leaves everything cleaner for a logical reason: its components have a mild electronic polarity, which is why they like to bond to anything on their own. Cleaning products (soap compounds) aid water in doing its function by dissolving gunge and grime and making it more effortless for water to clean up. However, no matter how much you try sometimes, some dirt does not dislodge.

pressure washer pump will come in handy in this circumstance. It blasts dirt away with a highly pressurized stream of water. Since the water moves quickly, it collides with the unclean surfaces with a lot of physical force, pushing dirt and dust away like a nonstop barrage of small hammer strikes. And because it’s merely water, it won’t harm most tough surfaces. However, it’s a wise decision to use your Giraffe Tools pressure washer on an insignificant spot before using it to ensure that it won’t damage the surfaces you’re washing.

Nevertheless, let’s look at how the pump contributes to the cleaner’s mechanisms.

The Mechanisms of a Pressure Washer

  • One tube brings detergents in from a cleaning agent container.
  • The water enters through a pipe from a valve and gets filtered on its way to the inside.
  • The pressure washer gets powered by a diesel-driven engine or electrical motor.
  • The water pump takes in the cleaning agent. After that, it mixes soaps and water. This pressure washer pump gets its power from the motor or engine. Also, some washers additionally heat up the water to between 50 and 70 degrees Celsius (125 and 155 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • The warm and soap-filled water gets squirted out of the pressure washer pump through the shielded and pressurized exit tube (which includes all components attached to it). On top of that, the constricted hose on these connections aids in increasing the water pump’s force even further. First of all, this high pressure of the pump cleans the surfaces much more efficiently. But other than that, it also saves you up to 80% more water than a standard water hose. However, the latter may be more budget-friendly if there is a meter on your water usage.

What Is A Pressure Washer Like From The Inside?

Even though it may look like a standard cleaning machine, a pressure washer is much more complicated on the inside. For starters, there are multiple pumps, and for safety purposes, great care is necessary to ensure that the machine’s water-containing compartments are isolated from all electronic parts.

But as far as the pressure pump’s system is concerned, there are reciprocating water pumps and a motor piston. The former helps pressurize the water and converts it into a fast-flowing liquid stream. And on the other hand, the piston is the compartment where this process occurs.

Final Thoughts

As stated above, there is an order to the working of a Giraffe Tools pressure washer. So after buying one of these cleaners, make sure you give the instructions manual a read.

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