A complete buying guide for drift scooter


Electric drift scooter is becoming more popular day by day. Electric drift scooter offer people a means to travel up to five times faster than walking. More and more people are moving towards buying an electric drift scooter.

Drift scooters are eco-friendly as they do not require petrol or diesel for functioning. They are considered a fun way of traveling that can be achieved at a meager cost. Unlike a bicycle, while riding an Electric drift scooter, you will not end up sweaty after reaching your destination.

If you are also interested in buying a good drift scooter, then you must consider the factors mentioned below.

Factors to consider while buying an electric drift scooter:

This guide explains everything you need to consider to make sure you pick the best electric drift scooter for your needs.

Wheel size:

If you want a comfortable riding experience with an electric drift scooter, you must select the one with an accurate wheel size. It would be best if you bought a scooter with wheels not less than 10 inches in diameter.

Scooters with smaller wheels usually give a rougher ride and are more at risk of getting stuck in potholes. It would be best if you prefer larger wheels for a safe ride.

Solid or air-filled tyres:

Drift scooter usually comes with two types of tyres:

  • Pneumatic (air-filled) Tyres
  • Solid rubber (airless) Tyres

Air-filled tyres can offer a better ride due to their shock absorption ability. They provide much better handling.

These tyres are susceptible to punctures and need maintenance. It would be best if you bought a puncture protection fluid along with these tyres.

Solid rubber tyres are best for harsher rides. They are immune from punctures, last a very long time, and are super durable. Solid rubber tyres aren’t as grippy in wet environments, generally because they are stiffer and have less tread depth.


Another essential thing to check before purchasing an electric drift scooter is its brakes. These scooters usually come with three types of brakes:

  • Electric/regenerative brakes (low maintenance but with less stopping power)
  • Disc brakes and drum brakes ( High stopping power)
  • Foot brakes (More stopping power but less comfortable than drum or disc brakes)


The suspension improves the ride quality of an electric scooter. Suspension efficiently compensates against harsher road surfaces.

If you are planning to ride your drift scooter on an uneven road, you must buy a scooter with high suspension. The suspension absorbs the shock and prevents shock transfer to other scooter areas.

Motor power & hill climb ability:

These are other critical considering points for buying a drift scooter. Scooters with high motor power produce reliable acceleration on steep terrains. High power scooter has the ability to climb hills quickly.

You can find scooters with an average power of 250-watt, producing a 15 mph top speed, or high-performance scooters with more than 500-watt motors. Select the scooter with the power according to your requirement.


If you want to enjoy the ride of a drift scooter in all weather conditions, then you must buy a water-resistant scooter. These scooters have an additional protective layer to prevent technical issues from riding a scooter through puddles or on wet roads.


If you have decided to buy a drift scooter for an enjoyable ride, then you must keep these points in your mind while purchasing. If you consider all the following factors before buying a drift scooter, then you will be able to get a good one.

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