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K-Meleon Review

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K-Meleon is free, open source web browser released under the GNU General Public License and is designed specifically for Microsoft Windows (Win32) operating systems. K-Meleon was developed by K-Meleon team. The software lets user search fast, block popup, change skin, search many pages at once, and completely control its look and functionality.

K-Meleon is available for Windows platform only. User can download the software for free from this web browser software website.

K-Meleon Highlight Features

Choose Your Desired Bookmarking System – Lets user use their existing Internet Explorer Favorites or Opera Hotlist in place of or along with Netscape/Mozilla’s Bookmarks system.

“Tabbed” Browsing – Allows user to manage many sites they may visit during a browsing session.

Mouse Gesture...

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Internet Explorer Review

Web Browsers

Internet Explorer is one of the most popular web browsers that all windows users have it installed already in their computers. Internet Explorer is a product of Microsoft Corporation. This web browser lets user to search faster, easier and safer with many features like: Accelerators, Search suggestions, Visual suggestions, Better Find On Page, Increased performance, Smarter Address Bar, Web Slices, Compatibility View, Enhanced tabbed browsing, Improved favorites and history management, Redesigned New Tab page, Improved Zoom, A better back button, Stay safer online, SmartScreen, Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Filter, Click-jacking prevention, Domain highlighting, Data Execution Prevention, InPrivate Browsing, InPrivate Filtering, Enhanced delete browsing history, and Automatic crash recovery.


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Deepnet Explorer Review

Web Browsers

Deepnet Explorer is an internet browser that comes with RSS news reader, P2P client integration and phishing alarm. Deepnet Explorer is a product of Deepnet Security. The software provides basic browsing functions and superior security, functionality and usability.

Deepnet Explorer is available for Windows platform. User can download the software for free from this web browser software website.

Deepnet Explorer Highlight Features

Tabbed Browsing – User can have multiple pages open at once.

Startup Pages – Lets user open multiple pages whenever they start-up.

Anti-Phishing Alarm – Comes with integrated phishing alarm warns user when they visit potentially fraudulent websites.

Popup Killer – User can activate or deactivate the pop-up killer.

Content Filter – User can enable a white l...

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Maxthon Browser Review

Web Browsers

Maxthon Browser is a powerful tabbed web browser. Maxthon Browser is a product of Maxthon International Limited. The software comes with basic browsing functionality and a rich set of features to improve user’s surfing experience.

Maxthon Browser is available for Windows platform only. User can download the software for free from this web browser software website.

Maxthon Browser Highlight Features

Tabbed Browsing – All the web pages are arranged as tabs inside main window to ease user’s navigation.

Mouse Gestures – Lets user hold right mouse button and perform the gestures to access common features such as Back, Forward, Refresh and Close Tab.

Maxthon Smart Acceleration – It boosts the browsing speed of user’s frequent visit websites.

Magic Fill – User can fill all the forms w...

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PhaseOut Review

Web Browsers

PhaseOut is a internet browser that enables multiple searches with the major search engines just with one click. PhaseOut was developed by phaseout.net. The software lets user to browse multiple pages at once, change skin of their browser, block ads, manage History and Favorites, and much more.

PhaseOut is available for Windows platform only. User can download software for free this web browser software website.

PhaseOut Highlight Features

Tabbed Browser – Lets user open multiple pages in the tab bar. All opened pages are always available at the bottom (or top depending on the skin) of the browser window.

Skins – There are options for loading and switching between skins are provided in the Skin section of the PhaseOut side bar.

PopUp Blocker – Comes with extended filtering settings for...

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