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Blogger Review

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Blogger is simple and effective blog software that comes with a host of features. Blogger is a product of Google, Inc. It provides user an easy way to share their thoughts about current events, what’s going on in their life, or anything else they would care to discuss with the world. User can sign up for free from this blog software website.

Blogger Highlight Features

Publishing Tool – User can create their blog with Blogger in a few easy steps. And they can start posting text, photos, videos, and more to their blog. User can post as often as they want; it’s free.

Simple-to-Use Interface – Lets user change fonts, bold or italicize their text, adjust text color and alignment, and more.

Auto Save – As user composes each new blog post, Blogger saves it automatically, without interrupt...

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Open Salon And Vox Reviews

Blog Softwares

Open Salon Review

Open Salon is a free blog software that comes with built-in audience. It was developed for writers, photographers and artists of any stripe in need of a smart home for their work, and who are hoping to be rewarded for it. It was developed by Salon Media Group, Inc. User can sign up for free to get Open Salon account.

Open Salon Highlight Features

Publishing Tool – User can post their words, images or videos to their blog, start building an audience and even earning money.

Wider Audience – Open Salon is a place where passionate media lovers can find a new generation of creative voices.

Content Promotion – Outstanding posts are given an Editor’s Pick tag by staff editors.Money for Your Work

Tippem Payment – Open Salon includes a built-in peer-to-peer payment system ...

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LiveJournal Review

Blog Softwares

LiveJournal is a free blog software service. LiveJournal was developed LiveJournal, Inc. It comes with core features, such as posting entries and comments, customizing journal appearance, and participating in communities. It also has additional features in its Paid Account. User can sign up free account of LiveJournal from this blog software website. User can upgrade from free to paid account as well.

LiveJournal is designed into three packages: Basic, Plus, and Paid.

Basic Account is free. It comes with basic features only. User will see advertisements when viewing a Plus account’s journal, friends page, and profile.

Plus Account is free. It comes with more features than Basic Account. User will see and display ads on their journal, as well as most pages on the LiveJournal site.

Paid Ac...

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