SunShop Review | Part 4

May 6, 2018 - Shopping Cart Softwares
SunShop Review | Part 4

Extensive Reporting Highlight Features

Dynamic Graphs Reporting – Provides dynamic graph and chart reporting to ensure the best possible.

Ecommerce, Sales, and Store Activity Reports – Allows user show reports for Sales By Month as well as Sales by Type; Category, Product, Vendor & Manufacturer.

Website Statistics – Includes a basic website statistical reporting tool that tallies the number of visits to their online store, the source from where they come, and other details regarding web page visits.

Google Analytics Support – Comes pre-packaged with plugins for Google Analytics as well as Google Analytics Ecomerce Tracking.

Security Highlight Features

Full HTTPS & SSL Protocol Support – To ensure all of user’s customers data is transmitted securely and safely, SunShop support both the HTTPS & SSL protocol anywhere that data is collected.

Password Protected Administration – The shops administration area is kept safe with passwords that only user and their employees know and stored in the database securely.

Custom Administration Area Folder – Has better way to stop snoopers then to rename their administration directory to something less commonly used. This thwarts attempts at unauthorized access to their customers information.

Administration Access Limitations – Allows the administrator the ability to control administrative access and set access levels for all other administration account. Support – Lets user put a stop to the spam received and ensure that their forms are filled out by live humans instead of spamming bots.

Marketing & Promotion Highlight Features

Fully Integrated Points System – Lets user reward their returning customers with a fully functional and built in rewards system. Set their own dollar to point values and vice-versa. Allow their customers to redeem their points on future purchases.

Tell-A-Friend Functionality – Enables site visitors to recommend their products to their friends and family simply by inputting their email addresses. The email is automatically sent to the specified recipients with a link to the description and a picture of the product.

Product Reviews And Ratings – Gives user the ability to choose whether to allow customers to leave feedback regarding products and services on the storefront. Store administrators can add, delete, view, and publish selected reviews with a few clicks.

Affiliate Program Support – Supports two of the most commonly used affiliate programs available, iDev Affiliate & Post Affiliate Pro.

Coupons & Gift Certificates – User can offer online coupons and associate them with certain products or groups of products.

Discounts – Provides a number of ways for user to offer discounts. Offer discounts that are product related, group related, quantity related and much more.

On Site Promotions, Cross Selling And Up Selling – Lets user relate products in their catalog on the basis of similar features. The relationships can be used to “cross sell” or “up sell” their products.

Product Feed Modules – User can export and upload their product feeds to some of the major shopping sites with a click. Modules include Shopzilla,, Google Base and Yahoo! Shopping.

Superior Support Highlight Features

Toll Free Phone Support – User can reach a live person who can address their questions and concerns all with no extra cost to them.

Ticket Support & Community Forums – User can get support 24 hours a day using the email and ticket system or browse the community forums for answers to commonly asked questions.

Online Documentation – User can get access to SunShop’s online documentation, knowledge base and articles 24 hours a day online.