SunShop Review | Part 3

May 2, 2018 - Shopping Cart Softwares
SunShop Review | Part 3

Customizable Storefront SunShop Highlight Features

Professional & Sleek Default Design – Comes with professionally designed default templates that are a great starting place and are easily customized to user’s preference.

Fully Customizable Site Look and Feel – SunShop is completely template based making it easy for user to manage and alter the look of their site with a few click. SunShop also includes a WYSIWYG editor for updating web page content.

Easy Template Selection Dropdown – Lets user choose the right template for their shop with a few simple clicks.

Move Sections Around Easily – User can move any of the template sections around easily by editing just one template.

Create Custom Pages with WYSIWYG Editor – It is easy for user to create their template name, dropping in their text or using the powerful WYSIWYG editor and then saving their new template.

Customizable Email Templates – User can edit the email messages that their customers will receive as part of their ecommerce experience at their web storefront.

Customized Web Site Templates – Comes with a set of pre-designed website templates to suit user’s unique industry needs. User can also design their own web site design template and save all the style and design setting for future use.

One Click Logo Upload – Lets user change their logo with one simple click.

Customer Service SunShop Highlight Features

Customer Account Area – Area allows customer to view previous orders, status and shipping tracking information all from one single location.

Wishlist & Registry Feature – Customers can create wishlists to send to their friends and family or even setup a gift registry for a special event. The registry feature will keep track of how many items have been purchased by friends and family ensuring that duplicates are avoided.

Quickly Process Telephone and Mail Orders – Allows user to login as a customer or place a new order for a new customer as if they were placing the order themselves. This allows the customer to have the convenience of placing a phone order but at the same time allowing them to track their order online.

Fully Personalize Product Offerings – Makes it easy for user to reward loyal customers. For example, user can assign discounts to customers via coupons, discounts and other methods.

Live Order Tracking – Customers can view and track the status of their orders and shipments in real time from the storefront. They can also view their order history and obtain a history of past purchases.

Intelligent Product & Catalog Search – Customers will rapidly find what they are seeking using SunShop’s quick or advanced search features.

Newsletter Signup and Bulk Email Management – Makes it easy for user to offer a personalized newsletter to their customers.

Account Custom Fields – Provides user the ability to add custom fields to the checkout process for collecting additional customer information such as Tax ID for processing wholesale orders. These custom fields can be printed on invoices and packing lists.

Checkout Without An Account – Allows customers to checkout without creating an account.

Customer Saved Cart – Lets user encourage their shoppers to come back then by saving their cart for them automatically for when they decide to return.