SunShop Review | Part 2

April 19, 2018 - Shopping Cart Softwares
SunShop Review | Part 2

Store Administration SunShop Highlight Features

Highly Intuitive & Easy-to-use Administration Panel – SunShop’s browser-based administration panel provides a user-friendly design and simple navigation. SunShop makes managing customers, posting products, updating inventory, and generating reports as easy as surfing the web!

Content Management Tools & WYSIWYG Web Authoring – Includes a WYSIWYG editor for content so that updating and formatting web page text. Tech savvy web developers who prefer to code web pages using HTML can do so as well.

Unlimited Administrator Accounts – Allows user the ability to create and manage an unlimited number of administrators who can accesses the admin backend.

Restrict Access By Administrator – User can also delegate specific jobs to each administrator and restrict access to particular areas within the administration area.

Easy “Point & Click” Setting Changes – Most of SunShop’s features and settings can be managed within the admin area with a few simple clicks.

Export Orders To Microsoft Excel – Supports the import and export of all data including orders and order details. Exported files can be opened in Excel for easy editing before reimporting into their cart.

Drop-ship Management – Includes extensive support for the drop-ship inventory distribution model. User can setup vendors for each of their products and notify them with a click of a button about their new orders.

Click Backup/Restore Tool – With a few simple clicks of the mouse, user can backup and restore their complete database to ensure peace of mind that their data is always backed up.

Product Management Highlight Features

Unlimited Products & Categories – User can add as many products and categories as they would like, there are no limitations.

Short and Long Product Descriptions – User can create both short and long descriptions for their products in HTML or plain text formats. Images can also be included as a part of the product description.

Custom Product Attributes – Attributes can be used to display any information about their product that is not their by default.

Multiple Product Images – Lets user add an unlimited amount of product images for each of their products. You even have the ability, using one of our plugins, to create mouse over images which can display the larger images without any clicks.

Multiple Product Options – User can setup different sizes, colors and any other option with a few simple clicks.

Featured Products – User can display their most popular products either on the home page under the Featured Products section, or under the category listings related to product.

Products in Multiple Categories – Lets user showcase their products across multiple categories without duplicating product information.

Related Products – Lets user relate products in their catalog. The relationships can be used to “cross sell” or “up sell” the products.

Set In-Stock Inventory Quantity – User can set the inventory levels for each of their products or even each of their products options.

Automatically Updates Stock Quantity After Each Sale – With each sale the user makes, the product stock is automatically updated to ensure them always display the correct inventory levels.

Sell Digital Delivery Products – Supports the selling of digital and electronic goods right out of the box. Effortlessly setup a download file associated with a file with a few clicks of the mouse.

Manage Inventory in Bulk – User can easily manage their products and catalog in bulk using the csv export and Excel or something similar to alter the data and re-import it.

Extensive Payment Support Highlight Features

Real-Time Credit Card Acceptance – Provides modules for and supports several leading payment gateways.

60+ Real-Time Credit Card Processors Supported – SunShop is currently integrated with 60+ payment gateways and services around the internet.

PayPal & Google Checkout Support – Supports all of Paypal’s payment solutions right out of the box including, PayPal Standard, Express Checkout, Web Payments Pro and their Payflow solutions. Additionally SunShop supports Google Checkout payments as well.

Non Real-Time Payment Options, Including Telephone, Mail Order, and P.O. – Enables user to offer non real-time payment options to their customers like offline credit card payment processing by telephone, fax, local pickup, mail order by check, C.O.D., and many others.

Offline Credit Card Processing – Allows user to process credit card orders for their customers manually.

Fully PCI/CISP Compliant – User will need to complete all necessary steps to achieve PCI compliance. SunShop does offer tools to ensure that user is fully PCI Compliant.

Set Minimum Order Amount – Let user set a minimum order amount on their cart to enforce a certain dollar amount that must be in the cart before a customer can checkout.

Sell & Accept Gift Certificates – User can sell and accept gift certificates with the ability to set a minimum gift certificate amount.

Full Quickbooks Export Capabilities – User can export customers, invoices and transaction straight from SunShop into Quickbooks with a few clicks.