SunShop Review | Part 1

April 13, 2018 - Shopping Cart Softwares
SunShop Review | Part 1

SunShop is a turnkey, search engine friendly shopping cart software system. SunShop is a product of Turnkey Web Tools, Inc. The software provides solutions for user to create search engine friendly storefront, customize the store as they like, take order, manage product and inventory, process payment securely, view and analyze reports, and much more.

User can see the free demo of SunShop from your customers or administrators perspective from this shopping cart software website.

SunShop has 11 main features: Quick Online Store Setup, Search Engine Friendly, Customizable Storefront, Store Administration, Product Management, Extensive Payment Support, Customer Service Features, Extensive Reporting, Security Features, Marketing & Promotion, and Superior Support.

Quick Online Store Setup Highlight Features

Browser based Installation Wizard – Comes packed with a user-friendly install wizard that will get user’s shop installed and ready for setup in a few simple steps.

Complete Ready-To-Use Storefront System – Includes a comprehensive ecommerce website with professionally designed, easy-to-customize templates for all pages. Templates are provided for the home page, category pages, product pages, and many others.

Web-Based Site Configuration – User can configure, customize, and manage their online storefront through a highly intuitive, web-based Administration Panel.

Built-in Professional Store Design Templates – Provides user with professionally designed web templates that they can use “as is” or completely customize to their design requirements.

No HTML Skills Required, but HTML Authoring Allowed – There are absolutely no HTML, programming or web design skills required to use SunShop “as is”. There is also the option to completely alter the code for the more tech savvy web developers who have experience with web pages and HTML.

Import Existing Product/Customer Databases – Allows user to import their existing product inventory data and customer details from a comma separated value (CSV) file into the cart database. This provides merchants with a powerful option to populate their online store with hundreds or even thousands of products and/or customers from and existing database or spreadsheet in a few quick steps.

Multi-Platform Support – Supports almost any operating system that can be setup as a web server, including Unix, Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, MacOS X, and Sun OS. As long as their system or web host supports PHP and MySQL, SunShop can be installed.

Search Engine Friendly Highlight Features

Search Engine Friendly Architecture – SunShop’s advanced search engine friendly architecture has been designed to support better search engine indexing and positioning.

Search Engine Friendly User-Defined URLS – All pages, including the dynamically generated pages, are friendly to search engine spiders and crawlers. SunShop, also provides the option to define static and search engine friendly file names for all the category, sub-category, and product pages. This boosts user’s organic search engine rankings thereby lowering their traffic acquisition cost.

Automated TITLE and META Tag Generator – When creating the products, SunShop has the ability to automatically create unique title and META tags for every product. This feature alone can save hours possibly even days of optimization work. User also has the option to refine these tags using SunShop’s built-in editor.

Automatic XML Sitemap Generator for Google & More – Has the ability to automatically generate compliant XML sitemaps to use with such services as Google Webmaster Tools and other services.

Breadcrumb Navigation and Sitemap for More Effective Indexing – The automatically generated sitemap and breadcrumb navigation in SunShop are both designed to guide search engine crawlers and spiders through all of the pages in their site.