ShopSite Pro Review | Part 1

April 17, 2018 - Shopping Cart Softwares
ShopSite Pro Review | Part 1

ShopSite Pro is one of the most popular e-commerce shopping cart software available on the market today. ShopSite Pro is a product of ShopSite, Inc. The software provides solutions for user to easily build and customize e-commerce store, manage catalog, manage customer database, accept payment online and offline, track inventory and much more.

User can see the demo of ShopSite’s features as a shopper or as a merchant. They can view and shop at an existing store, manage a pre-built store, or build their own store from scratch.

ShopSite is designed into three edition: Starter, Manager, and Pro.

ShopSite Starter for merchants just starting out or stores that don’t have many products.

ShopSite Manager offers an unrestricted number of products and pages, real-time credit card processing, on sale module, and more.

ShopSite Pro for stores that need advanced features such as coupons, digital downloads, product search, discounts, inventory tracking, and associates.

ShopSite Pro has 9 main features: Store Building, Catalog Management, Business, Security / Reliability / Efficiency, Customer Service, Shopping Cart, Merchandising, Commerce, Advanced Developer Tools.

Store Building Tool Highlight Features

Browser-Based Interface – Makes it easy for user to manage their store from any computer with web access.

Store Setup Wizard – Helps user enter products, create pages, and set up their store for commerce.

Basic/Advanced Editing – User can jump into an advanced editing mode where they have access to all the ShopSite features

Context-Sensitive Help – Simply click on the “?” on any page and user will be whisked to information on the topic at hand.

Full Control Over Store Look-and-Feel – User can simply choose colors, font sizes, etc. from drop-down menus to change to look-and-feel of their store.

Unlimited Number of Products and Pages – User can create unlimited of products and pages as their server resources allow.

More Information Pages – Lets user provide more information about a product without taking up more space on the product list page.

Multiple Image and Thumbnail Support – User can display up to 20 images on their product more info page.

Search Engine Friendly HTML Pages – All Pages and product More Info Pages are designed with Search Engine Optimization in mind. User also have the option to specify unique title text, META keywords, and META descriptions for each page or product More Info Page.

Automatic Multiple Page Generation – If user have many similar products to put on each page, ShopSite can automatically create the number of pages needed.

Page Preview – Lets user preview pages before publishing them to the live store.

Commerce-Enable Existing Web Sites – User can use the Order Anywhere Wizard to configure ShopSite and place Order buttons on their website.

HTML Editor – Allows User to edit text fields using a word processor-like interface.

Global Layout Customization – User can set global colors, images, fonts, etc. for their stores.

Works With Any Web Editing Tools – User can customize or build their store with HTML Editor like Microsoft FrongPage, GoLive, etc.

Store Layout Themes – Comes with many pre-designed templates. User can use the templates just the way they come, or customize by choosing different colors or by inserting supplemental graphics such as background graphics.

Flexible Store Templates – More advanced users will appreciate ShopSite’s flexible page templates. Unlike Page Layout Themes, which create the overall look of your page, page templates set the basic structure of the page

Custom Template Upload and Edit – Lets user upload templates right into the back office, where they can apply them to their store, and even make changes.

Copy Pages and Products – Lets user copy an existing page or product and then change only the parts that are different.

Custom Page Extensions – Allows user the flexibility of customizing a page to their hearts content, while affording them the easy maintenance of a database-driven site.

Advanced Image Handling – Lets user create image sub-directories and organize images and other media.

Image Resize – User can shrink large images to fit the desired dimensions, and can even configure ShopSite to automatically resize large images when they are uploaded.

Automatic Thumbnail Creation – Let user automatically create up to three smaller “thumbnail” images, in addition to the original image.

Visual Color Selection Tool – Lets user set colors for text, links, and backgrounds throughout the store.

Customize Store Text – Lets user tailor their store to meet the specific needs and tastes of the market they are serving.

Doba Drop Shipping Service – Supports for Doba drop shipping service.