PhaseOut Review

March 11, 2018 - Web Browsers
PhaseOut Review

PhaseOut is a internet browser that enables multiple searches with the major search engines just with one click. PhaseOut was developed by The software lets user to browse multiple pages at once, change skin of their browser, block ads, manage History and Favorites, and much more.

PhaseOut is available for Windows platform only. User can download software for free this web browser software website.

PhaseOut Highlight Features

Tabbed Browser – Lets user open multiple pages in the tab bar. All opened pages are always available at the bottom (or top depending on the skin) of the browser window.

Skins – There are options for loading and switching between skins are provided in the Skin section of the PhaseOut side bar.

PopUp Blocker – Comes with extended filtering settings for stopping unwanted popups or allowing them to be shown.

SupaSearcher – This tool is an addition to the classic search tool bar provides user real time keywords for further search based on the theme of the showing page, automatically.

Preview Bar – It shows thumbnails of the web pages and their loading progress, user just clicks the thumbnails to switch between the pages or keep an eye on them to check if a page is loaded or not without necessarily open it.

History and Favorites – Lets user add, manage, organize their collections of sites, including a very useful search tool for finding sites within their list in seconds.

Messenger Shortcut – User can open their favorite chat messenger directly from the front panel.

Photomail – User can send instant webcam pics to their friends.

Shopping – Lets user review and publish the most interesting and outstanding opportunities of the moment, the hottest on-line deals, and the great media entertainment.

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