Mach5 Mailer Review

Email Marketing Softwares

Mach5 Mailer is an email marketing software that comes with features like integrated subscription management, ability for user to keep their own data secure, HTML and plain-text sending. Mach5 Mailer is a product of Mach5 Development, LLC. The software provides solutions for user to send customized mass email messages, manage contact lists, handle bounce and unsubscribe and much more.

Mach5 Mailer is available for Windows 2000, XP, 2003, and Vista. There is trial version available for user to download from this email marketing software website.

Mach5 Mailer has five main features: Database Connectivity, Editing and Sending, List Management, Scripting Language Capabilities, and Inbound Email Processing with PopMonger 3.5.

Database Connectivity Highlight Features

  • User can directly connects to Excel Spreadsheets and Access Tables and Views.
  • User can also connects to Excel through ODBC.
  • Supports ODBC connection to virtually any database type.
  • The software comes with text-based Database Editor.
  • Editing and Sending Highlight Features:
  • Lets user send HTML email or Plain-Text or both.
  • User can specify Text/HTML format specific to each email recipient in their database.
  • The software comes with simple-to-use database wizards.
  • Comes with AdvancedWrap that preserves layout of text messages.
  • Supports comprehensive error reporting – exportable log files.
  • Supports multi-threaded, multi-core, multi-processor sending.
  • User can limit or throttle Message Sending / drip delivery speed.
  • User can sent test message to themselves as a preview before they send to their recipients.
  • The software comes with Advanced Preview that shows each message.
  • Supports file attachments for sending. The attachments is determined by a data field.
  • Supports inlined Graphic Attachments for HTML messages.
  • Supports SMTP Auto-Configuration with SSL, TLS, & ESMTP and server authentication.
  • User can set configurable SMTP port to bypass ISP’s blocking Port 25.
  • SOCKS Proxy support.
  • Supports international Character Set and Date Format.
  • List Management Highlight Features:
  • Comes with fist duplicate deletion tool.
  • List Filtering – Lets user’s data dictate who gets sent.
  • Exclusion List – User can set which email addresses not to send to.
  • Inclusion List – Lets user set who is sent to.
  • Comes with PopMonger to check delivery failures and integration with exclusion list.
  • Scripting Language Capabilities Highlight Features:
  • The software supports Conditional Text, Scriptable with JScript, VBScript, and PHP.
  • User can Test Run to check scripting execution.
  • Lets user include custom mail headers.
  • User can modify Headers during scripting.
  • Inbound Email Processing with PopMonger 3.5 Highlight Features:
  • Supports multiple IMAP, POP3, or MAPI accounts.
  • Lets user handle bounce and message failure with ease.
  • Supports Auto-Reply and Redirect.
  • The software is scriptable with PHP, VBScript, and JScript.
  • Inbound email field parsing and routing into database.
  • Supports confirmed and dated opt-in handling by email.