e-Campaign Review

May 9, 2018 - Email Marketing Softwares
e-Campaign Review

e-Campaign is an email marketing software that comes with many features. e-Campaign is a product of LmhSoft. The software provides solutions for user to easily design rich HTML emails and newsletters, and deliver personalized HTML emails to their target audience using mailing lists.

e-Campaign is available for Windows 98, 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista and Windows 7. There is trial version available for user to download from this email marketing software website.

e-Campaign Highlight Features

Personalization – User can send personalized emails to different recipients (mail merge).

Database – Supports popular databases such as Access, Excel, SQL Server, MySQL, etc.

Load Balance – The software supports multiple SMTP servers and Load Balance which spreads the email load among multiple SMTP accounts/servers, SMTP server rotating.

Bounce and Unsubscribe Management – User can handle bounced email and unsubscribe with ease.

Fast Email Delivery – Comes with fast, multi-threaded email delivery engine that allows user to deliver emails to their recipients fast.

Scheduling – The software supports mailing job recurring scheduling.

De-duplicating – Lets user automatically removes duplicate addresses in mailing lists.

Multi-Language Support – The software supports major international charsets/encodings and Unicode.

Exclusive List – User can set exclusion lists for each of their mailing job.

HTML Message – User can send email in rich-text HTML, plain text, and multipart messages.

HTML Editor – Comes with WYSIWYG HTML message composing.

SMTP Server – The software comes with built-in SMTP server. It also supports external SMTP servers, SMTP authentication, and encrypted SMTP connections (SSL).

Image – User can HTML emails with embedded images.

HTML Background – Supports HTML background images/sound.

File Attachment – User can send different file attachments and images to different recipients in the same mailing job.